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2013-08-26 05:15:44+00

Site improvements

It's probably pretty easy to see, but we're making changes and adding new content to this site. Creating a more lively and visually interesting visitor experience is the main idea--we hope you notice improvement!

Feedback suggests viewers enjoy seeing our prints made in novel ways, but that's just the first level of what we'd like to accomplish. The feeling here is that good ideas are only as valuable as the extent to which they are shared. In that light, it seems only right to open up the cache of accumulated knowledge and useful ideas for the benefit of artists everywhere.

The goal is to provide details of numerous innovations, and encourage artists to apply the concepts and techniques in their own work. As artists build ever greater inventions on top of what is provided here, it's expressly intended that whatever's learned is made openly available to the general community of artists.

Our plan begins with describing how to make coating rods, an implement so useful to artists they'll wonder how they ever got along without them. Then next is how to use coating rods, and examples of their application. Down the road, there's much to say about printmaking, and a number of studio tools artists can construct themselves. It will be fun...

For all interested in the software side of things, the server of this site has continued to be developed. It's completely free/open source (BSD licensed) and available at


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