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Thinair News: Online, up and running!

Monday, 26 March 2018 03:19:05 -0700

Time does fly, doesn't it? It's been over a year since announcing the relaunch of the Thinair site. Finally, it's now really happened!

Redesign is complete and new features have been added. A noteworthy improvement is having the galleries brought up to date with recent work along with showing some fine old pieces too.

The newest content is unlike anything we've attempted before. Take a look at the Recipe Index—we think it's really worth seeing! Inspired by more than two years of intensive investigation and experimentation developing terrific recipes that are sure to please people striving to limit their intake of sodium—or anyone who just likes good food.

The rebuild of this site has been a goal years in the making. The process and end result is described on the Software page. It's an interesting read for fans of open-source software and unique ways to develop and maintain websites. Of course a lot of folks won't get excited by the technical deep dive, but good info to explore for those who are into it.

Goes without saying the project hasn't reached the end of renewing content and the spirit of Thinair->Art!, it's merely a work in progress, constantly all about art in several forms. But then hardly anything in the real world of humans is without artistic elements, the most humble objects bear the mark of human sensibility. Everything in the real world requires the translation from the merely theoretical into concrete existence, there's never an exact formula, there's a mysterious hand of human insight inevitably involved.

In the future we'll have more to say about art in science and science in art. They are of a piece, truly inseparable. If this site seems simple, plain, hardly fancy, it's as intended, the complexity is hidden away. To the visitor it should seem trivial that it just works. We think of it as an artistic expression of the technologies it stands on.

Like Prospero speaks about in the Tempest, it's "magic", and yet it isn't. "We are such stuff that dreams are made on" is utterly true, far more than even Shakespeare's fertile mind could ever have imagined.

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